Sunset in Seattle (June 22, 2013)

Sunsets in Seattle, forever

by Helen Holter

 I don’t know why it started, really.

Sunset in Seattle (June 22, 2013)

But over the years it’s become my evening ritual, shooting sunsets in Seattle

over those majestic Olympic Mountains.

There’s a wildness to the skies:

clouds leap-frogging, or skies playing chess with floating pieces of clouds,

or jellyfish clouds floating in alpenglow light, signaling night.

Sunset in Seattle 2

More than a ritual, sunsets are my evening prayer: thankful for this day, grateful for the next.

Praise God from whom all sunsets flow…

Sunset in Seattle 3

 The sun nudges north, day by day, as I track my life in these seasons of sunsets:

those long dark nights of questioning and loss,

these bright summer days of light and life, at last.

At last. Signature_80Sunset in Seattle - 4

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