Reworking This/Website Under Construction!

by Helen Holter

Just a heads-up that many stories I’ve written here – especially in the past two years – are now in “private mode,” so no one can see them except me.  Why? I’m in the process of switching my entire web site to a new design, reworking the photos, layout, etc., and that takes time.  It’s weird how it seems just yesterday this web template was “state of the art,” and now (at least to me) it looks a bit old-fashioned and tired in just a few years time.

In the meantime, there are still other stories that are still up and available for viewing/reading.   Enjoy!

IMG_6649 copy

(P.S. The feature photo here is one of my favorites: I’m at my cousin’s house on the homestead where my dad grew up, north of Glasgow, Montana. And yes, that buffalo in the background is a pet.)

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