As Content Marketing Manager at MIR Corporation – specializing in travel to 35 countries at the legendary crossroads of Europe and Asia – my work encompassed multimedia formats, local and international teams, and multiple languages. From blog posts, daily itineraries, and email newsletters to videos, catalogs, and marketing campaigns, my work was rich, linguistically fascinating, and grounded in results.

Blog Posts

MIR’s complex, multi-language website was vastly expanded in 2014, then completely refreshed in 2020. The site builder is a customized version of WordPress, using Gutenberg/Block Editor. Because of the COVID pandemic, many stories, videos, and tours were taken down from the website and reverted to draft mode, for now. I wrote more than 400 stories for the site: with my byline, or ghost-written for management and local/international staff giving them the byline, or – most often – bylined with “MIR Corporation” for evergreen material.