(Global) Health

Earth, from the moon. (Photo: NASA, free use)

 There’s so much to showcase in global health that I’ve created a separate website: Global Health Lessons (www.globalhealthlessons.com.) It includes the ABCs of global health; simple lessons in understanding its complex layers and key players; and why we should care from some of the most intriguing voices in global health. These include many of the guest lecturers and world-renown professors from my global health classes at the University of Washington.

Here you’ll also find my short easy-to-understand YouTube video lessons on global health.


GLOBAL HEALTH LESSON: (1) – Sparking the Passion

My TV/online work has been most satisfying when it’s focused on medical/health issues. And then I got sick. Result: that sickness infected me with passion for all things global health.

GLOBAL HEALTH LESSON: (2) – My Own Montana

Studied in an academic setting, global health can seem so distant, so ‘over there’ on another continent. But it’s as real as my own American birthplace, my own family history — my own Montana.


GLOBAL HEALTH LESSON: “Seasick: The Explosion of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan” (excerpt)

This research paper and presentation for a global health class sparked my passion for infectious diseases and vaccines.