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Next-generation media is all about interaction. Send me an email at OR OR Facebook-message me with your comments and suggestions, or questions about my web site.

Work/Project Inquiries

I'm interviewing my heartthrob, Dustin Hoffman, for his role

I’m interviewing my heartthrob, Dustin Hoffman, for his role in “Death of a Salesman” – my favorite American play. Dustin gave me the best interview, ever.  (New York City)

I welcome discussing potential work projects, as well as volunteer/non-profit consulting as time allows. Take a look at my LinkedIn profile  or About.Me profile for career details and contact information, or email me at OR

I no longer have a formal “Holter Communications” web site since almost all my work is by referral:  people I’ve worked with at KIRO-TV or Microsoft, or who already know my work, or are familiar with my two web sites – this one you’re reading now as well as my Global Health Lessons.

Media Inquiries

I’m happy to contribute to stories on global health; evolving trends in communications; and almost anything on Russia, Turkey, Central Asia, and Uzbekistan.  Email me at OR


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  1. Hello Helen,

    I’ve been in Seattle for over 3 years now and just found out from Greg’s spring class letter you and a few other Riponites are here also. Are there ever any Ripon get togethers here in the Pacific Northwest? You probably won’t remember me as I left Ripon the fall semester of our junior year and didn’t graduate with our class, but I still have some fond memories of those first couple years there. Alright, I won’t keep you in suspense, it’s Forrest Voss. I played 12 string guitar and formed a duo with Mark Radermacher our freshman year, and put on a concert with Mark in the music hall and at the student center our sophomore year. I’m currently living in West Seattle with a gorgeous view of the Space Needle all the way to Mount Ranier, but will be moving to a place near Dashpoint State Park in Federal Way the end of this month. I’m currently flying a business jet for a private individual out of Boeing Field (King County International Airport), and doing a little chiropractic work on the side. I’m sure you’re very busy so I won’t ramble here. Congratulations on all your successes, you’ve done very well for yourself. Cheers.

    • Wow! I absolutely remember you — because you were and are FORREST, and I also loved listening to 12-string guitar. When I was in Yugoslavia my senior year at Ripon, the only cassette tape I took was Leo Kottke! That’s just crazy that you’re in Seattle and you do what you do…. As far as I know there aren’t any formal Ripon get-togethers; however, I was living in Montana for several years (returning to Seattle) and lost touch with many people, not just Riponites. Listen, I have a big global health presentation to give on Thursday (4/11) at Seattle Pacific University, but after that would love to catch up! My more direct email is: — and please ‘friend’ me on Facebook, where I have a full album of Ripon photos, among hundreds. Good to reconnect, and thanks for tracking me down! — Helen Holter

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