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Helen Holter

Helen Holter

 HELEN HOLTER is an international award-winning journalist and communications professional, passionate in staying ahead of the latest media trends to connect with viewers (TV/online news), consumers (commercial and health), and those in need (global health).

Whatever it takes to communicate, Helen embraces the method and the medium: from typewriters, MS-DOS computers, and TV news recorded on ancient tape to online, digital, and mobile instant news and information.

Helen had a hunch that the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries would be significant in her lifetime, so she studied languages to communicate closely – unfiltered – as a journalist.  Formal studies in Russian, Serbo-Croatian (former Yugoslavia), Old Church Slavonic, French, and some Turkish and Uzbek have taken her to exotic countries, giving her newsworthy and personal interactions she could only dream about as a young girl growing up in Montana.

Breaking Up with the U.S.S.R.

The first week in her job at KIRO-TV – the CBS affiliate in Seattle – Soviets shot down a Korean airliner, claiming it was on a spy mission.  Knowing Russian and familiar with Soviet geography, Helen was immediately put to work on this breaking news international story – thankful for all she’d studied, and could share with her new news colleagues.

Helen Holter with Uzbekistan's Ambassador to the United Nations, Murad Askarov

Helen Holter with Uzbekistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Murad Askarov

 The U.S.S.R./Russia continued to be in the news – and Helen’s beat – for her entire broadcasting career.  She was grateful to win a pioneering international award to work as a senior TV correspondent reporting in Russian to audiences up to 70 million from Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Moscow, Russia – where people opened their hearts, homes, and stories to her.

Helen was one of the first foreign journalists to interview Uzbekistan’s President Karimov, as well as report from Chernobyl, where firsthand knowledge of the devastating effects of that nuclear accident profoundly seeded her passion for global health.  Helen later freelanced for ABC News in Moscow, Russia.

Community, Wherever It Is

In addition to her love for Russia, Siberia, Central Asia, Turkey and the Balkans, Helen is passionate about medical and health issues.  At KIRO-TV she headed the station’s medical news unit and also created a weekly medical/health show – “HealthSmart” – for which she won one of several Emmys.  Helen also created and produced live nightly news specials on the Persian Gulf War and military issues, with live interviews from around the world.

Minus -15 degrees was downright balmy at the ABC News Moscow bureau, where Helen worked with an international staff – including weather-resistant SIberians.

Minus -15 degrees was downright balmy at the ABC News Moscow bureau, where Helen worked with an international staff – including weather-resistant SIberians.

Helen adored it all: booking guests, writing breaking news, producing live newscasts and taped specials, ghost-reporting for anchors, and then real reporting – her passion.  In all her work – TV news, CD-ROM, online, digital – Helen has worked with or headed diverse teams of anchors, producers, and news teams, often under unforgiving deadlines.

As methods and mediums have changed, so has Helen – working in cutting-edge media in places like Microsoft, Medio Multimedia (with Paul Allen funding), and medicine with versatile, deadline-driven storytelling and content marketing.  She creates and oversees content and content strategy for all media platforms; manages creative teams; and works in both proprietary and consumer content-management systems (CMSs).

With her extensive international academic and professional experience, Helen offers thoughtful insights into cross-cultural communications and strategic messaging.  Growing up in Montana – a culture of oral history traditions – she is a storyteller at heart.

Gratefulness, and Ripon College

Journalism awards include Emmys, Society of Professional Journalists awards, Associated Press, National Council of Christians & Jews, and the Alerdinck Foundation Award from The Hague, Netherlands to report in Russian for Soviet TV.  Helen was an invited speaker at a ground-breaking international conference on new media in Moscow, Russia, where she was named top presenter at that gathering.

In June 2013, Helen received the Ripon College Distinguished Alumni Citation from her beloved Wisconsin alma mater. [Read her thank-you speech, “Ripon College, Recalculating.“]

Voice of America interviews Helen Holter (Seattle, 2011)

Voice of America interviews Helen Holter in Uzbek in Seattle, 2011.  To view the video, click on the video link to the right in the text; Helen is at 2:40 – 5:10 inside the story.

In addition to an M.A. in Slavic Languages & Literatures from Indiana University, a B.A. in Russian language and Soviet studies from Ripon College, and  a B.A. (in one year) in Communications-Broadcast Journalism from the University of Washington, Helen also has studied in U.S.S.R./Russia, Yugoslavia, and Turkey.

 {Voice of America’s Navbahor Imamova interviews Helen Holter in Uzbek @ 2:40-5:10 in story} (video-click here)

Helen recently took classes in global health, microbiology, statistics, anatomy/physiology, nutrition, chemistry, and emerging infectious diseases to better understand complex global health issues, and to promote solutions – for the world’s neediest.  That’s why she’s created a web site, Global Health Lessons as well as a new Global Health (video) channel on YouTube; and also tweets on global health issues.

Whatever the method or medium, Helen believes such communication can help illuminate problems, point to solutions, and instill communities – in our backyards, in our world – to take action.  And, in that action, share hope.


HELEN HOLTER: Personal Bio

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