I didn't realize I was wearing Seattle Seahawks colors when this photo was taken (!)

I didn’t realize I was wearing Seattle Seahawks colors when this photo was taken (!)

This is my “comfort blanket” web site: it has a bit of everything I cherish. [I have another more formal, focused web site, Global Health Lessons.]

I can’t help writing, shooting videos, and telling stories. Since the first time I held my (left-handed) pencil, I’ve been jotting down words on scraps of paper, Post-It notes, journals, and especially in digital media for the past 20 years on a variety of personal web sites. (I HTMLed and hand-coded my first web site in 1995.) It’s always more interesting when I take photos or shoot videos and throw them into the mix, too.

I’m passionate about global health. I try to understand complex medical, economic, social, faith-based, and governmental issues infused in global health, and then communicate hope to a world in need. I believe travel is an important component to understanding such issues, and am grateful to use my skills at a business that takes travelers to some of the most complex, history-packed, politcally volatile, and intriguing places in the world.

Another side of me is attracted to quirky stuff like Russian cartoons, classical music rooted in history (Bach, Chopin, and Scriabin), and Pacific Northwest nature in all its majestic simplicity – like staring at sunsets every evening here in Seattle. I adore Dostoevsky, and think “The Simpsons” is still pretty funny. (My Oscar-winning brother (Dreamworks, etc.) is an animator on that show, just for fun!)

My addictions? I’m hooked on espresso, libraries, the outdoors, all things Central Asia-Russia-Siberia-Turkey-Balkans, Seattle Seahawks, and Johnny Cash. There, I said it.Signature_80

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