January 1, 2018: the ever-changing Seattle skyline against a New Year's Day sunset Photo credit: Helen Holter

A New Year in Seattle: 2018

by Helen Holter

This 40-degree laid-back Tuesday marks the first day of a new year in Seattle – 2018.

After finishing grad school, I bee-lined west to Seattle and never looked back.  This view from Gas Works Park was one of the first places I saw while biking along a dirt path back then; today it’s a paved, two-lane crowded bikeway.  Back then there were a few skyscrapers – count them on one hand – while today I’m numbed by the number of skyscrapers and construction cranes working on them in downtown Seattle.

And our iconic Space Needle? It looks bloated in this photo, undergoing a $100 million facelift since its 1962 construction.  Soon, when the bandages come off this spring, the Space Needle will sport floor-to-ceiling glass and a new observation deck for the burgeoning number of newcomers, natives, and visitors who admire this still-most-stunning Emerald City I’ve called home for most of my life.

My Seattle.

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