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Ripon College, returning

Helen at Ripon College

So happy! I’m at Ripon College in front of Bartlett Hall, where I used to live. I’m returning to Ripon for my alumni weekend, and to publicly thank the college when I receive their Distinguished Alumni award. (Ripon College, Wisconsin)

I’m returning to Ripon College.

I’m returning because some of the most fascinating and challenging professors, classmates, and friends are at my Wisconsin alma mater, a school known for breathing life, inquisitiveness, and bold thinking into young minds – mine, at the time.  And yes, even now.

I’m returning to Ripon College because decades ago they offered a hand up to me – a whopping generous scholarship to this private liberal arts school when I could barely scrape together $20 for the application fee.  It forever changed my life: inspiring me on to graduate school; studies and work in the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Uzbekistan, and Turkey; and a journalism career I could not have dreamed in a lifetime.

If you donate money to Ripon College or create scholarships for Ripon students and wonder if your sacrifice is worth it, or if there’s gratitude at the receiving end – I hope you see my face. Mine is a face of thanks for your life-changing generosity.  Your philanthropy?

Remember.  my.  face.

Thank you, Ripon College.Signature_80

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