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Voices of global health: multifaith work

Aisha Jumaan.

Aisha Jumaan

Sometimes it seems there’s a global war in global health, with faith-based and secular organizations at each other’s throats: competing interests; differences in approaching medical treatment with-and-without a faith component; funding sources with– and without – religious strings attached.

Bernice Kegel.

Bernice Kegel

Three Seattleites – Jewish, Muslim, and Christian – are instrumental in addressing those global health suspicions. Bernice Kegel, Aisha Jumaan, and David Brenner are Jewish, Islamic, and Christian co-chairs of “Perspectives: How Faith Based and Secular Organizations Partner for Better Global Health”  on July 13, 2012. This discussion–at Seattle Center’s McCaw Hall–will focus on how different faiths can collaborate and work together on global health issues.

David Brenner.

David Brenner

In this “Voices of Global Health” WGHA blog post, the three leaders talk extensively about  faith-based concerns in global health, and solutions.

Highlights:  David Brenner deeply moved by a talk from global health giant Dr. Bill Foege. Aisha Jumaan on a young Ugandan girl’s pain in losing her mother to cervical cancer.  Bernice Kegel in the Dominican Republic, post-Haiti earthquake, amid the losses and injuries witnessing a ‘celebration of life.’

Recommended: Washington Global Health Alliance web site.

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